Have you ever…?

Have you ever wanted to live in your own home?  The home your hard work and dreams build into a nest egg and possible retirement source for your future?

Since becoming an adult, have you spent most of your income on a living space that belongs to someone else?  Now is the time to think about changing the pocket where your housing payments go.  Pay yourself, not your landlord by buying your own home.

Recently a memory was shared.  A couple who had been through tough times financially didn’t believe they could ever own a home of their own.  Fortunately they were connected with a knowledgeable lender that walked them through the steps necessary to get their finances in order to purchase the first home they would ever own.

The Broker and Agents here at Trophy Realtors can recommend several reputable mortgage contacts for you to interview.  Talk to the financial people to get your “ducks in a row” (as the saying goes) then let our team work with you to find a property to fit your pocket, needs and dreams.

Are you able to purchase your dream house, with all the amenities and upgrades in your wish book?  Possibly, but start at step one, with a financial review.  Establish a realistic budget then sit with a Realtor to develop search criteria that fits.

The memory I mentioned before?  That couple started with a small home then eventually sold it to invest in a larger home in a neighborhood they felt suited them better for the next phase of their lives.

“Every journey begins with the first step” is an excerpt from an ancient Chinese proverb by Lao Tzu.  Let Trophy Realtors help you on that journey to owning your own home.